The cricket season has just finished with the Celtic senior team winning the Tweedy Cup two day, the Daily Freightways one day and the inaugural Twenty20 competitions, while Temuka grabbed the runner-up spots in the both the main competitions and Star were runners-up in the Twenty20.

The Celtic club depth was on show when they won the Senior Reserve Grade over Timaru as well as the Presidents Grade, while Star/MVHS took the honours in Second Grade in a thrilling final against the newly formed Temuka team.

In the women’s competition, TGHS won back the trophy which had been missing for a couple of seasons, while in junior cricket, Waihi won the A Grade and Grantlea were deserving winners in B Grade.

When you look through the senior batting averages, you can see why Celtic dominated the season with seven batsmen featuring in the top list while the bowling is a lot more spread out over all the teams in the competition.

Craig Davies understandably leads both the aggregate and averages for batsmen scoring just under 800 runs including four centuries and also features mid table in the bowling with 23 wickets. There were nine centuries this season with Johnny Geddis scoring two including one in the final, a match that saw Dan Laming with 174 make the highest score of the season.

The bowling table was again headed by Kevin Teahen with 42 wickets, but he was a tireless workhorse sending down more overs than anyone else too. Close behind with 39 wickets and well in front with an average of only 10.3 runs per wicket was Glenn Matthews, a new player to the district, and he was also the second most economic behind Dan Laming who only conceded 2.5 runs per over for the season.

C Davies16378960.69132*
R De Joux18060833.7887
R Preston21555234.5070*
M Barnes18353835.87117
J Sew Hoy16347636.6262*
J Liddy14539343.6798
P Arkinstall16238627.57104
G Metcalf18338625.7396
D Laming13237934.45174
A Scott15237428.7772*
N Sew Hoy16036722.9486
J Geddis14336132.82126
J Laming14434134.10104*
M Mealings14534037.7856*
G Brookland16133922.6051
P McGregor17132720.4465

*Note: 300 runs or more to qualify

Bowling OversMdsRunsWktsAveEcon
K Teahen189.44559442.0014.143.14
G Matthews148.22240439.0010.362.73
S Carlaw133.32743532.0013.593.26
T Mcknight132.31648029.0016.553.63
J Lane123.22953327.0019.744.33
A Reid184.33367225.0026.883.65
P Chapman1482456925.0022.763.84
C Davies72.3328523.0012.393.94
J Laming88.41130523.0013.263.45
T Elliotte971833721.0016.053.47
C Hinton112.21644821.0021.333.99
D Laming1182929921.0014.242.53
M Sew Hoy1512450619.0026.633.35
M Devlin84.3940019.0021.054.74
K Howes541218818.0010.443.48
G Metcalf95.31639318.0021.834.12

*Note: 18 or more wickets to qualify

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