The 2010/2011 NZC playing conditions contains a clause that will be of interest to many of our players.

Clause 8 on page 10 NZC refers to Law 6: The bat and states:

Law 6 as amended from 01 Oct 2010. Only type A bats may be used at any NZC level including Plunket Shield, 1-day, HRV Cup Twenty20 matches, Action Cricket Cup and Action Cricket Twenty20, Provincial A, Hawke Cup Challenge matches, Under 23 and Under 18. Bats of type B and C and any other bats may be used at other competitions as determined by NZC.

The effect of this regulation will impact on those playing in Hawke Cup Challenge, Under 23 and Under 18 matches; those being under the jurisdiction of NZC.

Other matches, such as Hawke Cup elimination matches are unaffected and ungraded bats or type B & C bats may be used.

It is recommended that players likely to be selected to play in such matches be aquanted with this directive from NZC and purchace a bat which complies.

It would be unfortunate if any player was disqualified from using his favoured bat because of this regulation.

For more information, log-on to,1027,AR.html

South Canterbury Cricket has granted a moritorium in our competitions on the use of ungraded bats until the end of the 2014/2015 season.

See clause 4.13 on page 12 of the South Canterbury Cricket hand-book.

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