The South Canterbury Cricket Association is in the process of appointing our coaches and managers for representative teams in the 2011/2012 season. This year we are being pro-active in wanting to formalise appointments at the earliest possible opportunity, so that people will know what tournaments and matches they need to be looking to prepare teams for, including winter training, tournaments that teams will be attending and further details as they become available.

We are hoping that all teams will have managers, thus making the jobs easier for coaches who can get on with coaching and managers with management. The Board and office of the SCCA are open to helping plan or show managers what is required in their roles so that the job can be fun and not a burden.

If coaching a team, or taking on a manager’s role is something you would be interested in, please send an expression of interest to the SCCA office along with any supporting information e.g. a manager’s job because your son or daughter may be a team member, or perhaps you wish to give something back to cricket.

South Canterbury Cricket has teams in the following grades;

Senior Men
U18 Boys
U16 Boys
Yr 9 Boys

Senior Women
U17 Girls
U15 Girls

JAB Primary A
JAB Development
JAB Yr 5 + 6

Applications close on Friday the 17th of June.



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