Andrew McRae

Andrew McRae

It is my pleasure to present the Chairman’s report for the 2010/2011 season.

The season just completed was as busy as ever and was marked with some significant change within the Association.

The first significant change was the retirement of Graeme Broker after over 4 years as Executive Officer. Graeme has been a familiar face with all of those involved in cricket and was a regular feature wandering the boundary smoking his distinctive pipe. His attention to detail ensured that the association’s administration was run in a meticulous fashion and his loyal service has been gratefully appreciated. Graeme deserves a lengthy retirement where he can concentrate on reducing his golf handicap and I am sure he will be no stranger to South Canterbury Cricket in seasons to come.

It is difficult to replace the irreplaceable, however, David Fisher commenced in the role of Executive Officer at the start of this year. David will be well known to many and has a real passion for South Canterbury Cricket. He played his first senior cricket match for Temuka in 1979 and went on to represent the South Canterbury Senior team from 1983 to 1994. David has had a successful career in banking in Nelson. He is now combining his love of cricket with his administrative skills and will be a real addition to South Canterbury Cricket.

The second significant change came in the resignation of Richard Davidson after 10 years in the job of Development Officer. Richard is looking to further his business interests. His services over the years have seen the identification and nurturing of talent within the region and during his tenure he has seen some real talent emerge; Hamish Bennett and Tom Walsh to name but two. Richard was the longest serving development officer in the country and the advantage that that brought to the Association was significant. In his resignation we lose irreplaceable institutional knowledge and a person with real passion for what he does. We wish him well but hope that he keeps a keen interest in South Canterbury cricket.

The Development Officer’s job has recently been advertised and we hope to make an appointment during the course of the coming season.

There has also been a change in the grounds contract at Aorangi with Mike Davies taking over the reins from Greg Hull. Mike Davies is the head green keeper at Levels golf course and has adapted to the preparation of cricket pitches very quickly. He was challenged again when domestic cricket again came to Aorangi Oval and impressed with the playing surfaces that he prepared.

Continuing in our endeavours to ensure top level cricket was played at Aorangi the Association hosted both a 20/20 (Canterbury vs Wellington) and a 50/50 game (Canterbury vs Wellington). The attendances at both exceeded expectations.

The Association is now building a sound track record in hosting these games and already two fixtures have been scheduled for the coming season.

This year we grew our programme of employing South Canterbury students over the Christmas holiday period to ensure they play in our senior competition and are not lost to the region. This year we employed Alexander McKenzie, Simon Ward and Jordan Morrow. They were of considerable assistance in delivering cricket development programmes and their presence back within South Canterbury also served to strengthen the overall club competition.

This season brought a change to the senior competition necessitated by Geraldine being unable to field a senior team. It is important that cricket is provided to all corners of this district and the loss of Geraldine is keenly felt. We hope that in seasons to come the situation improves.

In Geraldine’s absence we welcomed Roncalli who performed admirably in their first season playing senior cricket. The school has made a real commitment to the competition and their investment has already yielded dividends by way of their win against Timaru Boys in the Gillette Cup.

The 2010/2011 club season was one dominated by Waimate. They won four titles. Unfortunately weather had the ultimate say in the final of the Tweedy Cup which was contested between Waimate and Star. As a consequence the trophy was shared this year. However Waimate won Second and Fourth Grade and the JAB A competition. They also contested the final of the senior men’s one day final but lost to Celtic who won their fourth consecutive title.

The Senior Reserve competition was won by Timaru.

Turning to the Representative side, this season was the second season in the Southern Zone with Mid Canterbury, North Otago, Southland and Otago Country. As North Otago were the holders of the Hawke Cup this represented the best opportunity we had for some years of wrestling a challenge. Unfortunately this was not to be. The stand out performers in the season were Ritchie Preston with 345 runs and the every dependable Kevin Teahen with 16 wickets. An honest appraisal of the season would most likely conclude that we simply didn’t score enough runs to achieve our goal of gaining a challenge.

I must take the opportunity to thank Graeme Broker and David Fisher (from January onwards) for all of their assistance throughout the season. I also wish to thank Richard Davidson for his hard work and dedication in his final season as Development Officer. Thank you also to the board for all of their assistance throughout. This season we welcomed Jeremy Hogan to the board and his heavy involvement in schools cricket has ensured that this very important area is given the attention it deserves.

I also wish to thank all of the Association’s supporters in the business community and gaming industry. It is very important that we acknowledge your help and continue to administer the game in this region in a fashion that warrants your continued support. I know that times are not getting any easier, therefore we must strive to ensure that there is mutual benefit from the relationships.

Thank you also to Graham Begg and the umpires. The role is a challenging one but it is encouraging that your numbers are growing.

Lastly I would like to thank all of the volunteers who do everything they do to ensure that cricket is in good heart in this region. Without volunteers we simply could not deliver cricket in the way we do.

In closing I would like to wish everybody involved in cricket all the very best for the upcoming season. It certainly is presenting itself as a busy one. I hope to see many of you at the Association’s golf day on 11 September at Levels.


Andrew McRae
South Canterbury Cricket Association

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