The South Canterbury U16 team travelled to Ashburton to take on their Mid Canterbury counterparts on Sunday and managed to win in the end by 6 runs.

The team struggled on a wicket that had very inconsistent variable bounce, eventually making 141 with opening batsman Adam Beck top-scoring with 41 and No 11 Kyle Montgomery the only other batsman to make double figures with 19 not out and featuring in their second best partnership of 27 runs.

In reply Mid Canterbury also lost wickets at regular intervals but were always in the hunt until finally dismissed in the 49th over 6 runs short of victory. For South CanterburyLiam Beck was the most successful bowler taking 3 wickets while Nick O’Brien  and Jorddan Low both grabbed two, but perhaps one of the better efforts in the field came from wicketkeeper Jamie Tresize who took 3 catches and never let a bye through.


South Canterbury U16
Adam Beck bwl Holmes 			41
Brett Walker bwl J Dudley		 2
Henry Race ct Biggs			 9
Marc Rooney ct Biggs			 1
James Hawkey bwl Bell			 9
Michael Lees bwl Bell			 2
Liam Beck ct Hanrahan			 5
Jamie Tresize bwl Hanrahan		 0
Conor Scott bwl Holmes			 0
Nick O'Brien bwl Holmes			 5
Kyle Montgomery Not Out 		16
SC_Extras: 				41
Total	(48.5 overs)		       134
SC_Fall_of_Wickets: 9,28,37,71,76,104,105,107,107,134
M Holmes 9-0-31-3, J Dudley 4-1-6-1, T Dudley 4-0-20-0, D Biggs 4-1-13-2, R Bell 8-1-16-2,
J Worsfeld 5-1-20-0, K Chettleburgh 3-0-14-0, T Hanrahan 5-2-8-2

Mid Canterbury
Josh Worsfeld ct behind N O'Brien	 1
James Southby LBW J Low 		13
Kirk Chettleburgh bwl L Beck 		20
Ryan Bell bwl L Beck			 8
Matt Holmes bwl H Race 			33
Jack Dudley run out			 3
Tim Hanrahan ct behind K Montgomery	 4
Tom Dudley LBW N O'Brien		 5
D Padya Not Out				10
D Shore ct Behind L Beck		 0
R Early ct J Low			 2
Oppn_Extras: 				39
Total (41 overs)		       128
Oppn_Fall_of_Wickets: 4, 20, 51, 59, 72, 98, 100, 118, 124, 128
Nick O'Brien 10-2-20-2, Michael Lees 5-3-8-0, Jordan Low 7-0-16-2, James Hawkey 2-0-13-0,
Liam Beck 9-1-27-3, Jack Greene 5-0-20-0, Henry Race 8-3-13-1, Kyle Montgomery 3-0-9-1
Result: SC win by 6 runs

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