After Otago Country were unable to field teams against the South Canterbury U16 and Yr 9 sides during the weekend exchange, the two teams instead played a match against each other on the Aorangi Oval, which turned out to be quite competitive and also helpful for the coaches at finding things to help the boys with as they head to tournaments shortly.

63 seemed to be the magical number with Adam Beck scoring 63 for the U16s and Chris Hogan scoring 63 for the Yr9’s, the only two half centuries posted during the day.

Liam Beck was the most successful bowler for the U16s with 4-29, while Chris Hogan showed his allrounder’s skills  by taking 3-33 for the Yr9’s.


South Canterbury U16

Adam Beck run out (Wyatt) 		63
Brett Walker lbw b Mehrtens  		 0
Henry Race lbw b Carter		  	20
Marc Rooney lbw b Carter		 1
James Hawkey run out (Grace) 		26
Steve Phillips c Bradley b McKenzie 	37
Mike Lees not out			43
Liam Beck not out  		  	 2
Extras: (13w, 1nb)			14
Total:	(for 6 wkts off 45 overs)      206
FOW: 0, 49, 55, 103, 116, 192

Bowling: Josh Mehrtens 9-2-47-1, Chris Hogan 5-0-33-3, J Low 4-0-23-2, William Carter 9-1-27-2, Matt McKenzie 8-0-37-1, Jack Woodley 3-0-11-0, Caleb Grace 4-0-7-0, Connor Bradley 3-0-21-0.

South Canterbury Yr9

A Harvey c A Beck b L Beck		 7
McAughtrie Wyatt c A Beck b L Beck	 9
Jack Woodley c Lees b Montgomery	11
Caleb Grace c Montgomery b L Beck	 6
Matt McKenzie c O'Connor b L Beck	 0
S Lane c Walker b Race			33
Chris Hogan c O'Connor b Montgomery 	63
William Carter run out (Rooney)	 	13
Connor Bradley not out			 0
Josh Mehrtens b Race			 0
J Low c&b Race				 0
Extras: (20w, 3nb)			23
Total: (for 10 wkts off 43.1 overs)    165
FOW: 20, 21, 32, 32, 45, 150, 153, 153, 154, 165

Bowling: Nick O’Brien 8-2-19-0, Liam Beck 9-0-29-4, Kyle Montgomery 9.1-1-29-2, Henry Race 8-1-32-3, Jacob O’Connor 2-0-6-0, James Hawkey 3-0-24-0, Mike Lees 2-0-17-0, Brett Walker 2-0-9-0.

Result: Win to South Canterbury U16 by 41 runs

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