The following girls have been nominated for the South Canterbury Under 15 team which has a series of 3 games to play on Nov 20, 27 and Dec 11.

A practice is being held at the Graeme Blanchard Centre on Tuesday 15 Nov at 5.30pm. All players are to attend. If any girls are unavailable or can’t make the practice please can you let me know.

Rosie Tulisi
Jess Stagg
Ashley Harrison
Annie McDonald
Rebecca Clarke
Courtney Sinclair
Jess Golding
Kate Winsley
Amy Rayner
Mikaela Farr
Stephanie Sayer
Laura Dorgan
Kate Arscott
Maddy Hamel
Jamee Gilbert
Gretchen McAleer
Honor Mills
Kasie Sykes-Beynon

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