Testing concentration - catching and throwing two balls at once

Testing concentration - catching and throwing two balls at once

While many of the players might be taking part in winter sports, a dozen coaches were being put through their paces as they undertake the Level One Coaching Course being held at the Graeme Blanchard Centre this weekend and next.

It was good to see a mixed group of faces (some older, some younger) at the course which was arranged by Shane Gilkison with the Canterbury Cricket Coach Nigel Marsh running the course. The participants all seemed to be enjoying the learning they received at the course, and a chance to be able to take new ideas back to their own teams while improving their own understanding of the game. It could be noted that a couple of those involved might have had their own fitness levels tested, and probably the only disappointing aspect was the non-show of three people. As it takes quite a bit of organisation to put these sessions in place, it is disappointing for SC Cricket staff when they feel they have been let down.

Below are some random photos of the “prisoners” during a physical session which was looking at drills to improve various skills.

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