Robin Beeby

ATTITUDE IMPORTANT: New South Canterbury cricket coach Robin Beeby believes most players have ability – it is how dedicated they are that’s important.

Robin Beeby never played cricket for South Canterbury but he has no qualms about taking over as the province’s new coach.

The 50-year-old Beeby, assistant to Bruce Carlaw last year, has been give nthe top job after Carlaw stepped aside, saying he couldn’t afford to give enough time to the role.

Beeby and manager John Davies will select the team, while a third person will be added to the panel.

“I think it is important to have a robust discussion about players.

“I am comfortable with a two to one vote,” said Beeby, who has a level 2 New Zealand coaching qualification and would like to do level 3, by invitation only.

“That’s like Canterbury, Wellington and the big ones.”

His motivation is two-fold, success on the field and individual improvement.

“I like to think I have the ability to improve a player’s game, seeing little goals achieved.”

Beeby also wants to see his players committed.

“It has to be 90 to 100 per cent every day, no slacking.”

He is not interested in talented players who have no desire to improve themselves or work hard.

“It is important players can also be part of a team.”

Beeby says only one ball in 30 dismissals is generally unplayable.

“Eliminate the errors by some simple basics and you stay in longer. Most people have the aptitude but it’s down to their attitude.”

Beeby thinks there are the players around to form a competitive team.

“Last year we won two games outright and were only one win away from a Hawke Cup challenge.

“We definitively have the depth and I am hoping Ben McCord may be available again.”

Beeby said Christchurch-based McCord was a talented cricketer but, more importantly, he had a great mental attitude toward the game.

“He can make a difference but with a new coach in Canterbury he will trying his luck there first.”

Beeby is also keen to see South Canterbury’s new English quick bowling import Matthew Woods in action.

“Adding two class players to the mix can make all the difference.”

Beeby was somewhat of an institution for the Celtic Cricket Club. In 2003, aged 40, he was the only player to appear in all of Celtic’s 14 consecutive finals, winning eight of them. He was an opener, a specialist gully fieldsman and occasional wicketkeeper.

Since then he has played when called upon and last year turned out for the B side.

Beeby left Timaru for Christchurch on leaving school and did not return for a decade.

He did not play cricket after having represented South Canterbury through the age groups.

After retiring he got into coaching with Timaru Girls’ High School and took them to two titles.

“I really enjoyed it and we had some success so I was keen to keep coaching.”

Beeby will hit the ground running with South Canterbury’s first Hawke Cup elimination game in mid-November with three others in the New Year.

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