From the team at Crazy Catch our best wishes for the season.

1                     Win US $10,000 with Crazy Catch.    That’s right – $10,000. Click on  There is an international One Minute Crazy Catch Challenge on line running through to May next year – click on Currently one of our friends across the Tasman is in the lead with a score of 70. We can’t have that so click on line and see how to sort them out. The competition is using a level 2 ball from 2 metres on the insane side and seeing how many catches you can complete in 1 minute. There are some age category options also. Let us know if you need some level 2 Crazy Catch Vision Balls to take part in this.

2                     The All New Crazy Catch Freestyle  As well as the Upstart, Wild Child & Professional we now have a smaller hand held ‘Freestyle’ model ideal for training in groups. This is cool fun, easy to use and great for skill development. Not only is there the insane side to contend with, but also the person holding the net can vary the speed and angle of the ball rebound. See the Freestyle in action by clicking on the following link and then click through to ‘Freestyle Reaction’ & ‘Freestyle Deflection’.  The Freestyle requires a much lower skill level from the thrower and rebounder than if for example a cricket bat is used. This equals a lot more catches and skill training in a shorter space of time.

The Freestyle RRP is $79. If buying direct we will include 3 free level 2 balls and delivery is free. We also have a special introductory bulk offer of buy 3 and a 4th one is free. To buy direct click on or call us on 0508 Crazy Catch (0508 272 992)

3                     Special Direct Bulk Offer.     Buy any 2 Upstart, Wild Child or Professional models and receive a free Upstart or Freestyle. This is combined with 8 free Crazy Catch level 2 vision balls. Click on and when ordering just mention in the ‘Notes’ section ‘Special Offer’ and if you want the Upstart or Freestyle.

4                     Crazy Catch Training Centre                                There are now videos and print of advanced vision and coordination skill activities across a range of sports. See how some of the world’s top athletes are using Crazy Catch.  Have a look in the left hand column at the likes of ‘Rotate Your Mates’ ‘Around the World’ ‘Throw & Go’ ‘Throw, Catch, Run’ ‘Try for 5’ ‘Crazy Numbers’ ‘Bounce Back’ and the impossible ‘Go 360’. Check out the right hand column for an individual cricket training programme also.

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