The annual Yr 7&8 cricket tournament will be played next week on Tues 19th, Wed 20th and Thursday 21st in Timaru. The winners of these tournaments go on to play other teams from the Canterbury region for a chance to play in the National Finals (as Waihi did a couple of seasons ago).

The tournament is a great opportunity for these young boys and girls to play ‘our great game’ for their schools, and with every team getting at least four matches, they all have a chance to improve.

Most matches will be played at Ashbury Park, starting with the first match at about 9.15am each day, and a second match  after lunch. Pop down and support your mates, your children and your grandchildren.

Below are the draws to make it easier to find the game of most interest to you.

Boys Draw

GROUNDROUND 1 (9.15am) ROUND 2 (12.15pm) GROUNDROUND 3 (9.15am)ROUND 4 (12.15pm)
 Tuesday 19th Feb Tuesday 19th Feb  Wednesday 20th FebWednesday 20th Feb
Barton Rural (Tues)Winner Waihi /Geraldine HSSt Andrews Primary
Timaru South SchoolWinner Tim South/Barton Rural
Pleasant Point PrimaryWinner Beaconsfield/Pl Pt
BeaconsfieldWinner Grantlea/Waimate HS
St Josephs TemukaWinner St Joes Tim/St Joes Tka
St Josephs TimaruLoser Grantlea/Waimate HS
Waihi SchoolLoser Waihi /Geraldine HS
Geraldine HSLoser St Joes Tim/St Joes Tka
Grantlea DownsLoser Beaconsfield/Pl Pt
Waimate HSLoser Barton Rural/Timaru South
Timaru Christian School (Tue) Winner Timaru Christian/Gleniti
vs. vs.7vs.vs.
GlenitiWinner Bluestone/Highfield
Bluestone Loser Tim Christian/Gleniti
vs. vs.
Highfield Loser Bluestone/Highfield
BLUE = School Park
BLACK = Ashbury Park


Girls Draw

GROUNDROUND 1 (9.15am) ROUND 2 (12.15pm)GROUND
Thursday 21stThursday 21st
HighfieldWinner Highfield/St Josephs
St Josephs TimaruWinner Pleasant Pt / Gleniti
BluestoneLoser Beaconsfield/Composite
Barton RuralLoser Bluestone /Barton Rural
CraigheadWinner Craighead/Grantlea
Grantlea DownsWinner Bluestone/Barton Rural
BeaconsfieldWinner Beaconsfield/Composite
CompositeLoser Pl Point/Gleniti
GlenitiLoser Grantlea/Craighead
Pleasant Point PrimaryLoserer Highfield/St Josephs

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