Andrew McRae - Board Chairman

Andrew McRae – Board Chairman

The South Canterbury Cricket Association is looking for two people to join their board and a lack of knowledge about the game is not an obstacle.

At Wednesday’s annual general meeting, only three of five board positions were filled; one of the three was a nomination on the night.

Chairman Andrew McRae, Peter Scott and Grant Hamel return to the board.

McRae said the situation concerned him but he would move quickly to address the problem.

With the appointment of new joint chief executive Tony Lewis, the board’s focus will be more on governance than on daily management, which is likely to be more attractive for potential candidates, he said.

“I can only assume the lack of interest is as a consequence of increased time pressures on people, work and family commitments.”

McRae said in the past the board was typically made up of former players or those associated with the game through their children.

“Their love of the game driving them to be involved in a very hands-on fashion.

“With the new chief executive in place, there is an opportunity to seek likely candidates outside of the cricket family that could increase the skill set at the board room table.”

McRae said cricket in South Canterbury, and across the country, faced unprecedented challenges.

“A decline in the popularity of the game at adult levels not only impacts upon the playing strength but also the resources coming into the game.”

McRae said innovative playing formats protected their position locally despite these challenges.

The lack of interest in a board position concerned life member Maurice Smith, who thought that without a full contingent it would place too much much pressure on those who had volunteered.

McRae said the board had the power to co-opt people onto the board, including a players representative but his preference would be to find someone keen to do the job.

The association declared a small profit of $6862 in line with the previous year.

The two items that stood out in the accounts was increased income from gaming charities, of which $15,000 was spent on a new mower.

The senior rep teams expenses were up almost $14,000 but that was because of them making the Hawke Cup final and flying to Tauranga without much warning.

McRae also paid tribute to Graeme Ward, who had spent a decade on the board before he stepped down, and Mark Medlicott, who was to focus on his part-time administrative role.

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