Graeme LowrieGraeme Lowrie the former President of the South Canterbury Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association passed away on May 19th.

In Graeme’s time after retiring to Timaru in 1996 he was a prominent figure advocating on behalf of the Umpires and Scorers, a passion for which all those that knew him were certainly aware of.

Graeme has held the office of President of the South Canterbury Cricket Umpires Association and President of the Canterbury Regional Cricket Umpires Association – the governing body of umpires and scorers for the entire Canterbury & West Coast region. He has also been a trainer & examiner of umpires in South Canterbury and an Intermediary for NEW ZEALAND CRICKET.

Acknowledging his detailed knowledge of the Laws of Cricket, both past and present, Graeme was commissioned by NEW ZEALAND CRICKET to write the training manuals for New Zealand’s umpires & scorers. Graeme has also written several other training manuals, not just for umpires and scorers but also for managers and players. Recently before his passing he was very proud that his digital release of “The Umpires Companion” that was made available on the NZ Cricket website had been downloaded over 50,000 times.

Graeme also produced the seasonal rule books for local cricket for more than a decade, helped with coaching, management and appointments of these umpires as well as being one of the co-authors of the South Canterbury Cricket historical publication “Seasons of Cricket”.

Graeme’s contribution to (and discussions with) South Canterbury will be missed and we pass along our condolences to his wife Madelaine and family.

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