The South Canterbury Cricket “Junior Bash” got under way on Friday night with 4 teams of boys and girls getting their first taste of formal cricket with teams from Barton Rural, Sacred Heart, Temuka and Pleasant Point all taking part.

They play with an “incrediball” which is softer and means they only need bats and stumps and it was great to see them all having a go.

A special thanks to parents and teachers for helping the kids play and for all the supporters who braved the typically chilly easterly breeze that blows across Ashbuy Park on an otherwise nice night, and hope that the kids can continue to enjoy themselves over the next few nights in this grade.

A couple of photos below show the players in action and the supporters in attendance.


Runs for Temuka in the Junior Bash

Runs for Temuka in the Junior Bash against Sacred Heart


The support crew

The teams support crew

Barton Rural and Bluestone get under way

Barton Rural and Pleasant Point get under way


Supporters all rugged up.

Supporters all ready to offer encouragement



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