South Canterbury Cricket Green LogoThe South Canterbury Primary Yr 5 & 6 team for the first match on Sunday 8th Nov is as follows:-

  1. Nic Edmond
  2. Scott Robertson
  3. Eli Kerse
  4. Logan Sowden
  5. Kade McMillan
  6. Liam Simpson
  7. Lachlan Munro
  8. Jordan Sew Hoy
  9. Henry Scott
  10. Fletcher Rhodes
  11. George Powell
  12. Toby Clemett

There will be 2 practices at the GB Centre before this game on Thursday 29th Oct & Thursday 5th Nov both at 4-5.30pm.

*** These practices are for the whole squad, regardless of, if you are playing the first match or not.

If you are unavailable to attend practice or play in this match please contact Haden Powell on 022 044 0197 or Shane Gilkison on 0210 231 3118

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