Last Sunday South Canterbury travelled to Oamaru to play Primary A and Primary Yr 5&6 representative matches, winning both. Below is an overview/scores from each match.

Primary A

Batted first scoring 141-6 from their 40 overs. William Snuggs 20, Will Davenport 18, Nick Goodwin 17no, Caleb Donaldson 16 (retired) and Sean Rhodes 15 all made good contributions.

In reply North Otago could only manage 116 – 8 off their 40 overs with good bowling spells from Caleb Donaldson 3 – 22 off 6 overs, James Martin 1 – 12 off his 6 overs, Hayden Kerr 1 – 7 off 5 overs, Taine Cordell-Hull 2 – 14 off 4 overs and tight unrewarded spells from Nick Goodwin and Lleyton Phillips.

Primary Yr 5 & 6

South Canterbury won the toss and asked North Otago to bat first. The extras column may look large but in this match the rules state that wides are worth two runs, but again a good effort by South Canterbury

Name of Team Batting First North Otago

NoNameDismissal MethodScore
1.T Growcottb G.Powell1
2.S Petrieb G Powell5
3.S KenoLBW F Rhodes1
4.C FowlerCt E Kerse b J Sew Hoy12
5.L Direenb J Sew Hoy16
6.L Taylorb G. Powell30
7.J ValpyRun out (Sew Hoy)1
8.W LoeB K McMillan2
9.S Fonuab G Powell0
10.E Johnsonnot out20
11.H Crowcottb K McMillan0
B 2 LB 0 W 69 NB 6Extras 77
FOW: 11,18,40,79,86,89,146,146,?,174Total 174
K McMillan60342
G Powell61244
J Sew Hoy50322
H Scott60240
F Rhodes40221
N Webb30180
L Munroe51180

Name of Team Batting Second South Canterbury

First Innings

NoNameDismissal MethodScore
1.S Robertsonret5
2.F Rhodesret17
3.E Kersect J Volpy3
4.T Clementct J Volpy6
5.L Sowdenret24
6.L Munroerun out3
7.J Sew Hoyct L Direen10
8.H Scottnot out5
9.K McMillanb L Taylor6
10.G Powellnot out1
11.N Webbdnb
B 0 LB 0 W 0 NB 0Extras 89
FOW: 76, 89,159,163, 173Total 175
L Direen60251
L Taylor70232
E Johnson60300
W Loe40190
J Valpy30172
T Growcott30150
C Fowler30140
S Petrie20180
S Fonua1040
A Loe1040


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