Womens Cricket Survey

South Canterbury Cricket want to try and produce a cricket competition for the local women that works for the majority of you as well.

As such we have created a simple 5 minute survey that we would like you to fill in. We want honest answers without pressure from anywhere or anyone, so it is anonymous so please put down your answers, ideas and more and tell your friends who are thinking about playing too. Whether you are a player, coach, teacher, manager or supporter we are interested in your opinion as these are all part of the equation.

No silly stuff, or filling in the form 10 times to get your own way (We can tell which computers are used, just not who the person is).

We hope to use this to formulate plans for the coming year, and your input will help us come up with the best options that we are able to put in action.

You can fill out the survey here 

Womens Cricket Survey 2016


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