“If you’ve ever held a bat for Geraldine and you want to be part of this reunion, we’d like to see you. It’s time to get cracking though because it’s only four weeks away and we’ve got to tell the caterers how many they’re feeding.”

Geraldine Cricket Club reunion co-organiser, Graham Ellery, says he expects “maybe sixty” former Geraldine cricket club members from a range of eras to register their interest and turn up to the reunion on 3 and 4 November.

“People are coming from all over the place. We’ll meet in the Village Inn on the Friday night and reminisce a bit. Then on the Saturday night there’s a nice dinner in the Domain Pavilion for ex-players and administrators and their partners. We’re hoping that people who’ve made a contribution of any sort to the club will come and bring along some memorabilia and plenty of yarns from their days.”

On the Saturday afternoon, weather permitting, former players have the chance to sit around the boundary at the “sacred acre” and support Geraldine’s second-graders who will be playing at home that day.

To register, former players need to contact Graham Ellery and Neil Wilson via the Geraldine News email address: admin@geraldinenews.co.nz. Instructions about payment and a full list of attendees will be sent out by email to everyone who has shown an interest.

It costs $20 per player to register for the reunion and the dinner will cost $50 a head. The dinner on the Saturday is a BYO event and the organisers will have a Geraldine Community Bus on hand for safe travel home around the Geraldine district.

Geraldine Cricket Club

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