Game On

NZC is pleased to release Game On, an online, interactive document designed to help coaches, teachers, players and administrators to ensure the game is fun, safe and accessible to all New Zealanders.

Game On seeks to provide a simple and easily understood reference guide on everything to do with the community game, including:

  • Being inclusive and welcoming to all
  • Implementing age and size appropriate formats
  • Adopting appropriate codes of behaviour
  • Promoting and defining the spirit and etiquette of cricket
  • Highlighting ‘health and safety’ and working with children guidelines

Game On is a best practice guide for making sure cricket remains not only New Zealand’s No.1 summer sport, but a game that continues to engage and entertain Kiwis of all ages and backgrounds.

This interactive document enables users to navigate through the resource by simply clicking on a section within the contents page. Readers can easily cross to different sections by clicking the home icon in the top left corner which returns them back to the contents page. Throughout Game On you will find various links that will take you to websites with detailed information on that particular section.

You can access Game On here

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