• 11 players aside
  • 40 overs aside
  • Max of two adults per team
  • Only one adult may bat in top 5 of batting order
  • A maximum of 10 overs can be bowled by the two adults combined
  • 1 adult may only bowl 8 overs
  • Adult batsmen must retire out at 50
  • When batting all players must wear an approved helmet
  • When standing up close to the wicket, all wicketkeepers should wear a helmet
  • No bowler may bowl more than 8 of the allocated 40 overs, or in a restricted match one-fifth of the allocated overs.
  • All players should have the opportunity to bat. Batsmen should retire when they have reached a reasonable score to enable their team-mates to bat.
  • Where not listed here normal Laws of Cricket prevail

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