New Zealand Cricket, in conjunction with its Major and District Associations, have agreed to cancel community cricket, including clubs, schools, programmes and training, for the rest of the season. This decision follows our most recent medical advice and recognises our obligations towards the New Zealand cricket family and the wider public interest.

Based on expert advice from New Zealand Cricket’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Martin Swan and recent government information we want to ensure that cricket is acting to pre-emptively supress the spread of coronavirus.

While cricket is a non-contact sport there are considerable measures that need to be in place to adhere to expert advice around reducing the risk of spreading the virus. Our focus specifically is on minimising the risk and impact on the cricket community and ensuring health and well-being is our highest priority.

New Zealand Cricket is working with our Associations to ensure we collectively provide ongoing support to local clubs and the wider cricket community during this challenging and disruptive time.

Locally for South Canterbury Cricket this means all competition matches, representative matches, trial matches practices for teams, and the hire of the Graeme Blanchard Indoor Centre should not happen at all. Coaching or school visits by SC Cricket staff have also been cancelled until further notice.

The South Canterbury Cricket Assn Prizegiving scheduled for March 31st will no longer be held.  We will still announce the Award Winners on that date via the website and social media.

South Canterbury Cricket understands that we all love the game of cricket but the safety of our players, supporters and the public is of the utmost importance in these current times. Please pass this notice along to all members, club players.



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