With people, holiday programmes, winter training and clubs starting to get into training it is important that you understand our requirements as set out by the Government of what we can or can’t allow when using the indoor training facilities.

Note it is imperative you book ahead for any training sessions as we need to allow time between “bubbles” to ensure your safety under Level 2.

Please follow rules laid out below when using Graeme Blanchard Indoor Centre for training / coaching during Level 2 Alert Status. If you don’t adhere to these rules the costs of hire will be forced up so this is in everyone’s best interest 🙂


  • Ensure previous group have all left before entry
  • Scan NZ QR code on outside door or on noticeboard on entry
  • Ideally use handwash for hands on entry.
  • All players gear to be left outside centre or in first foyer only
  • Enter via roped off area directly into nets
  • Toilets are closed (no exceptions). Please use Public toilets by Aorangi Pavilion
  • Maximum of 4 people (including batman) per net.
  • Bring own water bottle
  • Don’t share water bottles, and do not use water upstairs – stay in your downstairs bubble only!
  • No food brought inside

TRAINING, Equipment & NETS

  • Players to use own ball and not share with other bowlers.
  • Batsmen should not pick up ball to return to bowler but use bat to hit back along ground.
  • Always adhere to distancing standards (1m minimum)
  • Avoid activities, exercises and drills where players come in to contact or too close to one another
  • Avoid players handling any coaching equipment (coaches mit, flicker etc.)
  • Avoid sharing equipment (each bowler has their own ball, named with marker.
  • Clean all cricket coaching gear with an alcohol-based disinfectant between sessions
  • Don’t use saliva/spit etc for shining ball


  • Don’t gather in groups (leave immediately)
  • Put training clothes in the wash immediately on returning home
  • Shower and wash hands immediately on returning to home
  • Eat when you get home

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