Fourth Grade Draw

Below is the draw for the 2013-14 season for Fourth Grade.

After Christmas in 2014 the competition has expanded to include teams from TGHS and Craighead and the draw and playing times have been upgraded accordingly.

** Updated 27th January

Team OppositionGround
October 19th
TBHS CrusadersvTBHS HighlandersSchool Park 2
GeraldinevMVHSMVHS 3
November 2nd
TBHS CrusadersvGeraldineSchool Park 2
TBHS HighlandersvMVHSMVHS 1
November 9th
TBHS HighlandersvGeraldineGeraldine Oval
TBHS CrusadersvMVHSSchool Park 2
November 16th
TBHS CrusadersvTBHS HighlandersSP 1 – Morning
GeraldinevMVHSGeraldine 1
November 23rd
TBHS CrusadersvGeraldineSchool Park 2
TBHS HighlandersvMVHSMVHS 3
November 30th
TBHS HighlandersvGeraldineGeraldine 1
December 7th
TBHS CrusadersvTBHS HighlandersThe Rectory
GeraldinevMVHSGeraldine 1
December 14th
TBHS CrusadersvGeraldineGeraldine 1
TBHS HighlandersvMVHSMVHS 2

New Combined Draw Starts Here 2014

Team OppositionGroundTime
February 8th 2014
TBHS HighlandersvGeraldineSchool Park 21pm
CraigheadvTBHS CrusadersMVHS 210am
February 15th
TBHS HighlandersvTGHSMVHS 310am
MVHSvTBHS CrusadersMVHS 21pm
CraigheadvGeraldineGeraldine Oval1pm
February 22nd
TBHS HighlandersvCraigheadMVHS 310am
TBHS CrusadersvTGHSSchool Park 210am
MVHSvGeraldineGeraldine Oval1pm
March 1st
TBHS HighlandersvMVHSMVHS 31pm
GeraldinevTBHS CrusadersGeraldine Oval1pm
TGHSvCraigheadMVHS 310am
March 8th
TBHS HighlandersvTBHS CrusadersThe Rectory1pm
CraigheadvMVHSMVHS 310am
TGHSvGeraldineSchool Park 21pm
Finals March 15th
Boys 4th Grade
GeraldinevMVHSGeraldine Oval 1pm
Girls Competition Final
CraigheadvTGHSMVHS 3 10.00am

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