Honours Boards

  • In order to qualify for the Honours Board, a player in any afternoon grade must score 50 or more runs, or take five or more wickets.
  • Hat-tricks will also achieve ‘honours’.
  • If you do not see your name here and believe that it should be, please contact your club official in charge of results.

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SCCA representative Honours Board

Shaun Rooney5-52Senior Men Hawke CupSouthland12/12/2020
Caleb Donaldson53Senior Men Hawke CupSouthland12/12/2020
Glen Drake63Senior Men Hawke CupSouthland12/12/2020

Senior Honours Board

Brad Leonard5-34Timaru10/10/2020
Josh Dick53Timaru10/10/2020
Daniel Campbell58Star10/10/2020
Jacques Marais72Star10/10/2020
Will Harvey79Pleasant Point10/10/2020
Jacob Naylor127Celtic17/10/2020
Chris Hogan127Star17/10/2020
Ben Watson7-40Celtic17/10/2020
Glen Drake72*Temuka17/10/2020
Liam Beck73Pleasant Point17/10/2020
Ollie Clayson92Pleasant Ppoint17/10/2020
Chris Hogan99Star24/10/2020
Tyler Cox50Star24/10/2020
Josh Smallridge58Timaru24/10/2020
Will Harvey69Pleasant Point24/10/2020
Liam Beck92Pleasant Point24/10/2020
George Morgan80Temuka24/10/2020
Glen Drake100Temuka24/10/2020
Jacob Naylor149*Celtic24/10/2020
Dan Laming56*Celtic24/10/2020
Glen Drake90Temuka31/10/2020
Daniel Campbell62*Star31/10/2020
Will Harvey104Pleasant Point31/10/2020
Tim Leonard60Pleasant Point31/10/2020
Will Sharp58Pleasant Point31/10/2020
Jacob Naylor59Celtic31/10/2020
Ryan Lewthwaite6-30Pleasant Point31/10/2020
Josh Dick93Timaru31/10/2020
Zane Sanders71Timaru31/10/2020
Jason Morrison83Technical31/10/2020
Des Kruger99Technical31/10/2020
Tyler Cox63Star7/11/2020
Ben Watson7-23Celtic7/11/2020
Adam Beck67Pleasant Point14/11/2020
Hitesh Valand5-19Star21/11/2020
Tyler Cox53Star21/11/2020
Jason Morrison63Technical21/11/2020
Adam Beck58*Pleasant Point21/11/2020
Will Harvey54Pleasant Point28/11/2020
Ben Cosgriff5-43Temuka28/11/2020
Shaun Rooney66Temuka19/12/2020
Chris Hogan58Star19/12/2020
Adam Beck112Pleasant Point19/12/2020
Matt Brown156*Pleasant Point19/12/2020
Sam Porter54Celtic19/12/2020
Dan Laming79Celtic19/12/2020

Second Grade A Honours Board

Ken Mclean83Star17/10/2020
Harvinder Singh54Star17/10/2020
Brad Tegelaars150Pleasant Point17/10/2020
Latham Gibb68Pleasant Point17/10/2020
Reagan Stevenson6-24Pleasant Point17/10/2020
Brad Tegelaars82Pleasant Point24/10/2020
Roger Buckingham84*Pleasant Point24/10/2020
Tyson Bennett50*Waimate24/10/2020
Brad Tegelaars78*Pleasant Point31/10/2020
Ben Simpson62Celtic31/10/2020
Ross McCulloch7-24TBHS 31/10/2020
Ollie Linton56*TBHS31/10/2020
Tyson Bennett72Waimate31/10/2020
Darren Mckay65Roncalli7/11/2020
Nick Goodwin5-17Roncalli7/11/2020
Eli Kerse52TBHS7/11/2020
Ross McCulloch79TBHS7/11/2020
Tim Mackle92Timaru7/11/2020
Duncan MacPherson52Pleasant Point7/11/2020
Rob Kenny88Pleasant Point14/11/2020
Ollie Linton89*TBHS14/11/2020
Ross McCulloch67TBHS14/11/2020
Hayden Leonard73Timaru14/11/2020
Luke Taylor50Celtic14/11/2020
Anthony Walker56Celtic14/11/2020
Hayden Matthews86*Waimate14/11/2020
Michael Cronje112*Geraldine14/11/2020
Dan Cummings98*Geraldine14/11/2020
Ken McLean51Star21/11/2020
Naveen Singh70Star21/11/2020
Luke Taylor54Celtic21/11/2020
Tyson Bennett50Waimate21/11/2020
Michael Thomas112*Pleasant Point21/11/2020
Lleyton Phillips68Roncalli21/11/2020
Duncan Macpherson57Pleasant Point21/11/2020
Brad Tegelaars66Pleasant Point21/11/2020
Liam Simpson68*TBHS21/11/2020
Mike de Joux53Geraldine28/11/2020
Michael Cronje76Geraldine28/11/2020
Hamish Drennan5-13Geraldine28/11/2020
Duncan Macpherson65Pleasant Point28/11/2020
Roger Buckingham50Pleasant Point28/11/2020
Ben Messer86*Waimate28/11/2020
Jared Stringer60*Waimate28/11/2020
Alex Payne51*Roncalli28/11/2020
Flynn Smith62TBHS5/12/2020
Ross McCulloch78TBHS5/12/2020
Jared Stringer54Waimate5/12/2020
Hamish Drennan88Geraldine5/12/2020
Bevin Guthrie62*Pleasant Point12/12/2020
Lachlan Munro53TBHS12/12/2020
Rqvinder Singh77Star12/12/2020
Alastair Bennett66Waimate12/12/2020
Harper McKerrow5-12Roncalli12/12/2020

Colts Grade Honours Board
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JAB Honours Board
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Womens Honours Board
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