Honours Boards 2016-17 Season

  • In order to qualify for the Honours Board, a player in any afternoon grade must score 50 or more runs, or take five or more wickets.
  • Hat-tricks will also achieve ‘honours’.
  • If you do not see your name here and believe that it should be, please contact your club official in charge of results.

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SCCA representative Honours Board

Liam Beck68SC Senior MenChristchurch Metro27-11-2016
Prabodha Arthavidu59SC Senior MenChristchurch Metro27-11-2016
Prabodha Arthavidu80SC Senior Men (Hawke Cup)Mid Canterbury3/12/2016
Stan Mair7-18SC Senior Men (Hawke Cup)Mid Canterbury4/12/2016
Glen Drake58SC Senior Men (Hawke Cup)Otago Country28/1/2017
Liam Beck51SC Senior Men (Hawke Cup)Otago Country28/1/2017
Jacob Naylor71SC Senior Men (Hawke Cup)Southland12/2/2017
Liam Beck57SC Senior Men (Hawke Cup)Southland12/2/2017
Stan Mair50*SC Senior Men (Hawke Cup)Southland12/2/2017
Jock Rollinson51SC Primary ANorth Otago26/2/2017

Senior Honours Board

Supeshala Jayathilake52*Timaru8/10/2016
Prabodha Arthavidu5 - 12Timaru15/10/2016
Liam Beck72Pleasant Point22/10/2016
Tim Leonard69Pleasant Point22/10/2016
Glen Drake5 - 37Temuka22/10/2016
Brad Tegellaars5 - 22Pleasant Point5/11/2016
Adam Beck55Pleasant Point5/11/2016
Prabodha Arthavidu71*Timaru5/11/2016
Liam Beck50Pleasant Point19/11/2016
Tom Costley65*Pleasant Point19/11/2016
Cameron Lundie6 - 19Pleasant Point26/11/2016
Liam Beck54Pleasant Point26/11/2016
Tim Leonard109Pleasant Point10/12/2016
Tom Costley51Pleasant Point10/12/2016
Liam Beck101Pleasant Point17/12/2016
Prabodha Arthavidu91Timaru17/12/2017
Josh Smallridge85*Timaru17/12/2017
Tim Leonard55 (T20)Pleasant Point21/1/2017
Glenn Matthews70* (T20)Celtic27/1/2017
Dan Laming60 (T20)Celtic28/1/2017
Supeshala Jayathilake52 (T20)Timaru28/1/2017
James Laming68 (T20)Celtic4/2/2017
Garry Paine63*Star11/2/2017
Willie Wright100Celtic18/7/2017
Dan Laming90Celtic18/7/2017
Sam Carlaw5 - 35Celtic18/7/2017
Supeshala Jayathilake75Timaru18/7/2017
Jacob Naylor58*Celtic25/2/2017
Sasindu Nanayakkara114*Timaru25/2/2017
Supeshala Jayathilake81Timaru25/2/2017
Adam Beck71Pleasant Point4/3/2017
Supeshala Jayathilake56Timaru4/3/2017

Second Grade A Honours Board

Stephen Pagan101*Geraldine15/10/2016
Hamish Drennan61*Geraldine15/10/2016
Hayden Leonard76Timaru15/10/2016
S Norton54Celtic15/10/2016
Ben Davenport77Roncalli15/10/2016
Andre de Joux96Roncalli15/10/2016
E McNamara6-17Geraldine22/10/2016
Hamish Drennan6-12Geraldine5/11/2016
Andre de Joux75Roncalli26/11/2016
Zane Meyer5-29Roncalli26/11/2016
Stephen Pagan54Geraldine17/12/2016
Hamish Drennan56*Geraldine21/1/2017

Second Grade B Honours Board

Paul Coles101*Temuka21/1/2017
Bailey Dryden51Pleasant Point25/2/2017

Second Grade C Honours Board

Jack Guerin55*Geraldine26/11/2016
George Morgan81Waimate26/11/2017
Alan Reid63Waimate26/11/2017
Jack Guerin76Geraldine17/12/2016
Jacob Boal5-27Geraldine17/12/2016
Edward Heenan103*Roncalli28/1/2017
Ben Thomson5-27 (inc hatrick)Roncalli28/1/2017
Ben Davenport67*Roncalli18/2/2017
Marcel Meyer71Roncalli4/3/2017

Fourth Grade Honours Board

William Snuggs56TBHS3/11/2016
Alex Doyle6 - 22TBHS28/1/2017
Jess Hewitson51 (ret)Pleasant Point Women3/2/2017
Sean Rhodes50*TBHS11/2/2017
Toby Scannell111Roncalli11/2/2017
Hugh Cameron56*TBHS4/3/2017
Ben Johnston51*TBHS28/10/2017
Bal Krishna68*TBHS11/11/2017
Toby Clemett53*TBHS10/2/2018
Caleb Donaldson52*TBHS17/2/2018
Sean Rhodes54TBHS24/2/2018
Toby Clemett56TBHS24/2/2018
Harper McKerrow65*Roncalli24/2/2018
Lucas Histen50*TBHS3/3/2018
Toby Clemett65THS17/3/18

JAB Honours Board

Toby Scannell80Celtic29/10/2016
Caleb Donaldson50Waihi29/10/2016
Flynn Linton80*Pleasant Point29/10/2016
Nick WebbHatrickCeltic5/11/2016
Toby Clemett97*Celtic3/12/2016
Taine Cordell-Hull65*Celtic3/12/2016
Reece Burtenshaw51* (B Grade)Timaru10/12/2016
Jonty Sowden50* (B Grade)Geraldine10/12/2016
Toby Clemett63Celtic10/12/2016
Toby Clemett57 (ret)Celtic4/2/2017
Lucas Histen5-6Geraldine18/2/2017
Liam Simpson72Celtic25/2/2017
Toby Clemett53Celtic25/2/2017
Oliver Linton55Pleasant Point25/2/2017
Lucas Histen53 (ret)Geraldine25/2/2017
George Powell68*Celtic4/3/2017
Toby Clemett56Celtic4/3/2017
Toby Clemett5-16Celtic4/3/2017
Jordy Sew Hoy52Waihi4/3/2017
Lucas Histen90Geraldine4/3/2017
Logan Sowden59*Geraldine4/3/2017
Toby Clemett61Celtic18/3/2017

Ladies Honours Board


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