Honours Boards 2017-2018

  • In order to qualify for the Honours Board, a player in any afternoon grade must score 50 or more runs, or take five or more wickets.
  • Hat-tricks will also achieve ‘honours’.
  • If you do not see your name here and believe that it should be, please contact your club official in charge of results.

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SCCA representative Honours Board

Jacob Naylor91Senior MenMid Canterbury29/10/2017
Matt Brown68*Senior MenCanterbury Country5/11/2017
Matt Brown86Senior MenNorth Otago12/11/2017
Craig Hinton5-40Senior MenNorth Otago12/11/2017
Dinesh de Silva103*Hawke CupMid Canterbury2/10/2017
Matt Brown83Hawke CupMid Canterbury2/10/2017
Jacob Naylor51Hawke CupMid Canterbury2/10/2017
D de Silva & C Hinton122* Record tenth wicket partnership for SCHawke CupMid Canterbury2/10/2017
Sam Carlaw5-32Hawke CupMid Canterbury3/12/2017
Ross McCulloch5-52Primary ACJCA Metro3/12/2017
Fletcher Rhodes91*Primary ADunedin Metro10/12/2017
Toby Clemett61Primary ANorth Otago17/12/2017
Glen Drake72Hawke CupNorth Otago10/12/2017
Dinesh de Silva54Hawke CupNorth Otago10/12/2017
Stan Mair5-55Hawke CupNorth Otago10/12/2017
Toby Clemett91Primary A (SIPST)Southland Country8/1/2018
Fletcher Rhodes50Primary A (SIPST)Buller12/1/2018
Jock Rollinson78Primary A (SIPST)Buller12/1/2018
Glen Drake114Hawke CupOtago Country27/1/2018
Dinesh de Silva8-31Hawke CupOtago Country28/1/2018
Toby Clemett53*SC U15North Otago18/3/2018

Senior Honours Board

Tom Costley57Pleasant Point14/10/2017
Sean Wills6-40Pleasant Point14/10/2017
Duncan Macpherson51Pleasant Point14/10/2017
Adam Beck54Pleasant Point14/10/2017
Adam Beck51Pleasant Point21/10/2017
Will Harvey96Pleasant Point28/10/2017
Joe Williams55Pleasant Point11/11/2017
Liam Beck84Pleasant Point11/11/2017
Adam Beck59Pleasant Point11/11/2017
George MacDougall5-44Pleasant Point18/11/2017
Joe Williams81Pleasant Popint25/11/2017
Adam Beck65*Pleasant Point25/11/2017
Chris Diederiks85Pleasant Point9/12/2017
Joe Williams63 (60/60 Final)Pleasant Point16/12/2017
Glen Drake90 (60/60 Final)Temuka16/12/2017

Second Grade A Honours Board

Bevin Guthrie57*Pleasant Point14/10/2017
Nigel Caple131Celtic14/10/2017
Hamish Kelynack114Celtic14/10/2017
Anthony Walker6-14Celtic14/10/2017
M Oliver54Geraldine14/10/2017
Ben Thompson5-48Roncalli14/10/2017
Tim Suddaby96Pleasant Point21/10/2017
Shawn Castle66*Pleasant Point28/10/2017
Guy Metcalf82Geraldine28/10/2017
Ben Davenport83Roncalli28/10/2017
Edward Heenan52Roncalli28/10/2017
Sean Wills58Pleasant Point4/11/2017
Charlie Campbell56*Geraldine4/11/2017
Mike De Joux77Geraldine11/11/2017
Nigel Caple117*Celtic11/11/2017
S Richardson57Celtic11/11/2017
Richard Stowell61Pleasant Point18/11/2017
Richard Stowell6-19Pleasant Point18/11/2017
Mike de Joux64*Geraldine18/11/2017
Ben Davenport136Roncalli18/11/2017
Ben Thompson77Roncalli18/11/2017
Nick Goodwin6-16Roncalli18/11/2017
C Campbell5-20Geraldine25/11/2017
Anthony Walker65Celtic2/12/2017
M Bennison57Celtic2/12/2017
Hamish Kelynack50Celtic2/12/2017
Ben Davenport71Roncalli2/12/2017
Edward Heenan50Roncalli2/12/2017
Hamish Kelynack80Celtic9/12/2017
S Richardson57Celtic9/12/2017
Jamie McLaren53*Celtic9/12/2017
Scott Norton79Celtic16/12/2017
Hamish Drennan54Geraldine16/12/2017
Scott Norton50Celtic20/1/2018
Michael Lees56Celtic20/1/2018
Wills Blackstock51Celtic20/1/2017
Benjamin Corry5-26Roncalli20/1/2018
Mike de Joux65Geraldine27/1/2018
William Johnson64*Roncalli27/1/2018
Jamie McLaren58Celtic3/2/2018
Ben Thomson5-18Roncalli3/2/2018
Mike de Joux58*Geraldine10/2/2018
Toby Scannell66Roncalli10/2/2018
Ben Davenport116Roncalli10/2/2018

Second Grade B Honours Board


Second Grade C Honours Board

Sean Mulligan51*Geraldine28/10/2017
Alan Reid103*Waimate11/11/2017
Simon Scott59Geraldine11/11/2017

Fourth Grade Honours Board

Patrick Goodwin7-10 (includes hatrick)Geraldine17/11/2018
Jacob Boal74*Geraldine9/2/2019
Sam Guerin57Geraldine16/2/2019
Tom Harding61*Geraldine16/2/2019
Brodie England5-18Geraldine16/2/2019
Jackson Weir51Geraldine2/3/2019
Sam Morrison50Geraldine2/3/2019
Logan Sowden52*Geraldine2/3/2019
Logan Sowden50*Geraldine9/3/2019

JAB Honours Board

Jed McKerrow61 (A Grade)Celtic9/2/2019
Harry Carr63 (B1 Grade)Waihi9/2/2019
Will Lemon64 (A Grade)Waihi16/2/2019
Mac Kelliher60 (A Grade)Pleasant Point23/2/2019
Riley Lennox51 (A Grade)Waihi2/3/2019
Tyler Rawcliffe51 (B1 Grade)Celtic2/3/2019
Harry Sowden6-2 (B2 Grade)Geraldine9/3/2019

Ladies Honours Board


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