JAB 2 Day Results Form

Points System


PointsFirst InningsOutright
 Loss 0 points 0 points
 Tie or Draw 2 points each 3 points each
 Win 4 points 8 points
 Abandoned match with or without play 1 point each


For JAB 2 Day competition please use the form below to submit results.


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Match Scoreboard


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1st Innings Score: (e.g. 84-6)
2nd Innings Score: (e.g. 65-3)

Name of Team Batting Second

1st Innings Score: (e.g. 95-2 dec)

2nd Innings Score: (e.g. 65-3)

Result: (e.g. win to Aces by 7 wickets)

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Visiting Team Points:

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