Lower Grade Results Form

Please fill in details below to submit your teams results to South Canterbury Cricket.

Points System

A Win

6 points

A Tie

3 points each

Abandoned Match or Cancelled Round
(which includes a bye)
3 points each
Abandoned Match (with or without play)3 points each
A Loss or Scheduled Bye

0 points

A Defaulted Match

6 Points to the non-defaulters

Please FAX, EMAIL or SEND this form to SCCA no later than TUESDAY following the end of the game.

Points are updated on the website on Wednesday, and if you have any disputes, you have until Friday midday to notify the SC Cricket office, else points stand as listed on the Saturday, and do so for the rest of the season i.e. Send your results in!!

    Match Date:
    Home Team:
    Visiting Team:
    Competition Grade:
    e.g. Second Grade A
    Second Grade B or Second Grade C,
    or Colts Grade, JAB A Grade, JAB B Grade, etc

    Please enter match information in the format shown to the right:

    * Denotes not out
    Team Name & Score + Overs Faced, Top 3 Batsmen & Top 3 Opposition bowlers then repeat for Opposition.


    Celtic 124 - 10 (37 overs)
    J Smith 46, J Bloggs 38, AN Other 26*
    A Prince 6-0-38-4, A King 8-2-17-1, C Harris 5-0-9-4

    Pleasant Point 126-7 (28 overs)
    A King 46, C Harris 58, AN Other 16*
    J Bloggs 8-2-17-3, AN Other 6-0-38-2, J Smith 5-0-20-1

    Points Allocation
    Outright Win = 6
    Loss = 0
    Tie or Abandoned Match = 3
    Schedule Bye = 0
    A Defaulted Match = 6 pts to non-defaulters
    Entire round cancelled = 0

    Enter scores in box below (please add overs faced):


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    Visiting Team Points: (required)

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    Please add brief match report and comments here

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