South Canterbury Cricket Rep Coaches, Managers & Selectors

Coaches & Selectors Contact Details

South Canterbury Men’s representative team

Coach: Ants de Joux
Assistant Coach: 

Men’s Under 17 team
Coach: TBA
Asst Coach: TBA
Manager: TBA

Boys Under 15 team(s)
Coach: TBA
Manager: TBA

Senior Women’s representative team
Shane Gilkison Coach

Boys Yr 8 representative team

Coach: Phil Brophy
Assistant Coach: James Sugrue
Manager: Kim Sugrue

Boys Yr 7 representative teams (3)

Coaches: Nick Horsley

South Canterbury Cricket District Cricket Philosophies and Job Descriptions

The SCCA is fully aligned with New Zealand Cricket’s and Canterbury Cricket’s strategic plans around various ‘Age & Stage’ and ‘Balance is Better’ philosophies and as such it is important that our volunteer coaches, managers and people involved understand this.

As such there are some rules around the lebvel of expertise at various coaching levels.

One non-negotiable is that all managers and coaches or assistant coaches must be Police Vetted which is fundamental in meeting Child Protection Law.

At Junior and Youth District Cricket Level, District coaches are now required to have completed Police Vetting and Vulnerable Children Modules online via the NZC system. Coaches also require a minimum of an Advanced Foundation Coaching Certification for Year 7 teams down and a Development Level Coaching Certification for Year 8 and above teams e.g. the SIPST team, U15 and U17 teams.

If your level of certification is below the required level you will need to work with South Canterbury Cricket to upgrade your certification to the required level prior to going to any tournaments with a team.

Enthusiasm to learn, coach and manage the players through the season is obviously a big part of the job too.

Below you will find various documented policies related to this.

CCA Philosophy Document

South Canterbury Junior Representation Selection Policy

District Coach Job Description

District Team Manager Description