Honours Board Form


In order for members of your club to feature on the South Canterbury Cricket Honours Board, your club recorder must fill this form in and send it off to the SCCA whenever a cricketer from your club has achieved one of the standards set out below.

Batting - 50 or more runs in an innings

Bowling - 5 or more wickets in an innings

Hat-trick while bowling :: 5 catches in an innings

Please fill in the following form so that the honours achievement can be recognised.

The format should be written as below, with each entry on a new line.
Further comments may be written at the bottom.

Name, Club, Grade, Achievement, Date
(e.g. Joe Bloggs, Timaru, Senior Reserve, 67*, 14/10/06) - *denotes not out
Bowling example (Joe Bloggs, Timaru, Senior Reserve, 5-37, 14/10/06)

These details will be cross-checked!

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