Second Grade A

Second Grade A Draw 2013 – 2014


** Updated 25th February

 One Day Competition (40/40)

Team OppositionGround
19th Oct
TimaruvStarMVHS 2
Celtic No StarsvCeltic All StarsCSG 2
Roncalli/CelticvPleasant PointPleasant Point (art)
WaimatevTBHSWaimate HS (art)
2nd Nov
TimaruvWaimateAsh 3
Celtic All StarsvPleasant PointPleasant Point (art)
Celtic No StarsvTBHSCSG 2
9th Nov
TimaruvRoncalli/CelticCSG 3
Pleasant PointvTBHSPleasant Point (art)
Celtic All StarsvBYE
Celtic No StarsvWaimateCSG 1
16th Nov
TimaruvCeltic No StarsAsh 3
Pleasant PointvWaimateWaimate HS (art)
Celtic All StarsvRoncalli/CelticCSG 1
23rd Nov
TimaruvCeltic All StarsCSG 1
TBHSvRoncalli/CelticCSG 3
Pleasant PointvCeltic No StarsCSG 2
30th Nov
TimaruvPleasant PointPleasant Point (art)
WaimatevRoncalli/CelticWaimate HS (art)
Celtic No StarsvBYE
TBHSvCeltic All StarsCSG 1
7th Dec
TimaruvTBHSSchool Park 1
Roncalli/CelticvCeltic No StarsCSG 1
WaimatevCeltic All StarsWaimate HS 1 (art)
Pleasant PointvBYE
Feb 1st 2014 – Updated from this round forward
TimaruvWaimateAshbury 4
Celtic No StarsvCeltic All StarsCSG 2
Roncalli/CelticvPleasant PointAshbury 6
Feb 8th
TimaruvRoncalli/CelticAshbury 6
Pleasant PointvCeltic All StarsCSG 2
Celtic No StarsvWaimateWaimate HS (art)
Feb 15th
TimaruvCeltic No StarsAshbury 3
Celtic All StarsvRoncalli/CelticCSG 2
Pleasant PointvWaimateWaimate HS (art)
Feb 22nd
TimaruvPleasant PointPleasant Point (art)
WaimatevCeltic All StarsCSG 1
Roncalli/CelticvCeltic No StarsCSG 3
March 1st
TimaruvCeltic All StarsAshbury 4
Celtic No StarsvPleasant PointPleasant Point (art)
Roncalli/CelticvWaimateKnottingley Park
Final March 8th
Top of Points Tablev2nd Points TableAorangi Oval 1.00pm

Twenty20 Competition Draw

 Draw Updated 17th January

Competition consists of 6 teams.

Final will be played between top two teams on points table after round-robin.

Team  Opposition Ground
December 14th 2013
Roncalli/CelticvTimaruAshbury 4
Celtic All StarsvPleasant PointCSG 1
Celtic No StarsvWaimateCSG 2
December 21st
Roncalli/CelticvCeltic No Stars CSG 1
WaimatevPleasant Point Pleasant Point (art)
Celtic All StarsvTimaru CSG 2
January 11th 2014
Roncalli/CelticvCeltic All Stars Ashbury 6
Pleasant PointvCeltic No Stars CSG 1
WaimatevTimaru Knottingley Park
January 18th
Roncalli/CelticvWaimate Ashbury 7
TimaruvPleasant Point Ashbury 4
Celtic No StarsvCeltic All Stars CSG 1
January 25th
Roncalli/CelticvPleasant Point Pleasant Point (art)
Celtic All StarsvWaimate CSG 2
Celtic No StarsvTimaru Ashbury 4
One Day Final – February 6th Aorangi Oval 10.30am
1st Round-Robinv2nd Round-Robin

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