Senior One Day Results Form

Points System

A Win

6 points

A Tie

3 points each

Abandoned Match or Cancelled Round
(which includes a bye)
3 points each
Abandoned Match (with or without play)3 points each
A Loss or Scheduled Bye

0 points

A Defaulted Match

6 Points to the non-defaulters

Please FAX, EMAIL or SEND this form to SCCA no later than TUESDAY following the end of the game.

Senior Cricket Result Card

Please fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk.*
[If the form won’t let you send, place na or 0 in the empty field]
You may add comments at the bottom related to the match. e.g. “Rain, Reduced overs, Duckworth-Lewis Used”
Use the drop down boxes to save typing.


    Senior Results Form

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    Team that won the Toss

    Decision Made

    Umpires: Umpires:

    Name if other umpire (could be an exchange or guest umpire)

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    Add any further comments about match here

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