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Copies of the Chairman’s message and official newsletters to clubs can be read below.

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The Season is now underway with good entries in all grades.

The draw is now complete and on the website. Apologies to those of you who viewed the website draw earlier and then found it had changed. This was due to late alterations with some clubs withdrawing teams and others entering additional sides.

We offer our sympathy to the family of Wally Ditfort. Wally was a well respected umpire who served in both South Canterbury and other Districts for many years.

Our thoughts are also with the Eggleton family who recently lost their teenage son, Callum, in a tragic accident.

We look forward to the representative season and squads are well prepared following the winter training tournaments. Two age group tournaments will be held in South Canterbury this season.

From 10-14 December the Under 17 Boys tournament will be held with two games scheduled for Geraldine and two for Temuka. Other games will be held at Aorangi Oval and Ashbury Park.

From 14-16 January the under 15 girls tournament will be held on artificial wickets throughout Timaru.

There are increased numbers in the afternoon grades and grounds are at a premium some Saturdays. It has been necessary in some instances to have games at a venue when the host team is not participating

If you are scheduled to play at any of the following venues please ensure you have spring-loaded stumps available. Pleasant Point Domain, School Park and Mountainview High School I

Sufficient copies of the handbooks are enclosed for all team captains and one for your Club (unless they have been given to a member of your Club already). The early Easter next year requires the Club season to finish on the 15-16 March weekend.

To enable games to be scheduled club cricket will be held on the Saturday for Senior Reserve, 2nd Grade, and Presidents Grades with finals to be played on the next day Sunday 16th March.

Senior final will be on 15/16 March and the Women’s and Fourth Grade finals on Saturday 15th.

The final of the Senior one-day competition will be on Wednesday, 6th February.

This season a 20/20 competition will be held on 22 December and 5th January. Teams from Senior, Senior Reserve, Second Grade and Presidents Grade are eligible to enter. Entries close on Monday, 10th December.

Our congratulations to the Waimate Cricket Club who celebrated their 125th Jubilee in October.

Generally results are coming in ok with several exceptions.

Those clubs who have results in by the Tuesday after the game all season will go into a draw for free use of the Graeme Blanchard Centre next winter or spring

Those who don’t have results in within a week of the game will not be allocated points

The use of this facility is not as great as the Board would wish. For this reason we would like to hear from you on ways we could improve the usage. Is cost a major factor? Your comments would be appreciated.

All senior sides have been given the opportunity to participate in the above programme with a view to improving practices and approaching them on a more co-ordinated basis. Richard Davidson will be visiting club practices to check programmes.

Five Timaru schools have been selected to participate in a programme to encourage Junior cricket. This has been instigated under the Wave programme administered through the District Health Board.

After the holidays, evening competitions will be held at Ashbury Park and it is hoped this will result in clubs such as Star and Timaru being in a position to enter teams in Junior competitions.

An account is attached for affiliation fees. The amount is increased on last year’s fees but a discount is offered if paid by 20 December. If you take advantage of the discount the increase is very small.

Enjoy your cricket – have a good season.

On behalf of South Canterbury Cricket Board of Control

Graeme Broker
Administration Officer

† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

Chairman’s message 2007-2008

Welcome to the 2007/08 season

I would like to wish all of you the best of luck for the coming season. After a cold winter I am sure we are looking forward to a long hot summer of cricket.

Congratulations to the Waimate Cricket Club who are celebrating their 125th Jubilee in October. You have been a very important club in the history of South Canterbury Cricket and we all wish you well for the Jubilee.

This season we are having our first club games of Twenty20 cricket which is exciting so it will be interesting how these are played and the comments of clubs as to the success of the format.

The information in this handbook is very informative for all cricket players, coaches and managers please keep it close to you so you can refer to it if needed during the season.

I look forward to seeing you all round the grounds as the season progresses.

Harvey King
1st October 2007

SC Cricket reports a surplus

By STU PIDDINGTON – © The Timaru Herald | Friday, 24 August 2007

The South Canterbury Cricket Association is back in black.

At their annual meeting on Wednesday night chairman Harvey King reported a net surplus of $11,835, a turnaround of over $23,000 from the previous year when a loss of $11,456 was recorded.

King said the association had worked hard to turnaround their fortunes but it was always going to be tough with the size of the association.

Increased usage of the Graeme Blanchard Cricket Centre and the sponsorship of balls by Brittain and Wynyard had helped, along with saving on wages after the resignation of the director of cricket, he said.

King, Graeme Ward and George Harper were elected to the board with Alan Annett co-opted on. There remains one vacancy and King said he would be keen to hear from anyone interested in filling the position.

The season is set to get underway on October 5 with entries to competitions closing on September 14.

Before that however the clubs are due to have a forum on September 5th. Included in the agenda is a proposal from the Star Cricket Club that the senior two-day competition be replaced with a combination of one-day and 20-20 matches. If the two day format remains the Star would like to see restrictions on the number of overs a player can bowl in each innings, with the suggestion limiting them to a maximum of 15.

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