Womens Draw

Women’s Quick Smash Cricket 2019



Start Time: 4.00pm

  • Runs for 6 consecutive Tuesday evenings from Tuesday 28th October 2019.
  • 8 female players per side.
  • 20 metre pitch.
  • 12 overs per side.
  • 6 balls per over (max of 7).
  • Wides and No-balls worth 1 run each.
  • Batters bat in pairs.
  • Each batting pair bats for 3 overs. (4 pairs x 3 overs = 12 overs).
  • Loss of wicket means 6 runs taken off score.
  • Bowl from one end only.
  • Each player has to bowl at least 1 over (max of 2 per bowler).
  • 142gm Hard Ball, so teams need to use pads and helmets.
  • SCCA will supply 1 ball to each team.
  • Plastic stumps or wooden springback stumps to be used.
  • No cost to enter.

** Important:  A suitable scoresheet for these matches can be downloaded here 

Pitch map

Ashbury Park pitch map


Draw will be published here once all team entries have been received.

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