History of South Canterbury Cricket

On this and the subsequent pages, one can read much of the history of cricket in South Canterbury as obtained from the excellent book “Seasons of Cricket” researched, compiled and written by Graeme Lowrie, Rex Bowden and Muriel Pennal. Without their dedication to the task, we could not share this history with you today. This online archive will continue to grow as time permits, so check back often to read about the history of cricket in South Canterbury.

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Doubt exists when the first match was played, but recollections subsequently published suggest that some matches were played between 1861 and 1863.

In the first years of settlement, some cricket clubs were formed and challenge matches played, but without an association cricket could not develop. By the end of the 1891/2 season, cricket in South Canterbury was in danger of disintegration. The four remaining stalwart clubs, Waimate, Temuka, Geraldine and Timaru not only had difficulty with dwindling numbers but they were also in dire financial straits. The Waitaki Cricket Association, formed in October 1892 did not have the compulsion for clubs to join or powers to levy funds; it also struggled to organise matches. Letters to clubs remained unread or shelved, not being read until the next season Annual Meeting. The enormous area it covered along with transport difficulties all lead to its downfall, permitting the formation of The South Canterbury Cricket Association in Temuka on the 15th September 1893. Samuel Bristol – the father of South Canterbury cricket – was elected its first President.