Here you can find links to websites that South Canterbury Cricket thinks may be useful to you.

NZ Administrative Cricket Links

NZ Cricket

Canterbury Cricket Association

Canterbury Regional Umpires Association

Otago Cricket Association

Mid Canterbury Cricket Association

Canterbury Country Cricket Association

North Otago Cricket Association

Otago Country Cricket Association

Southland Cricket Association

Worldwide Cricket Links




Cricket Australia

TVNZ Cricket News

A Guide to Cricket for Beginners (International not NZ)

Cricket Apps

NZ PlayHQ – stats, administrator access, scoring access, support, Smash Play , Coaching resources all accessed here

CricHQ – scoring system for live scoring, cricket management and default NZ Cricket application for all amateur cricket.

Total Cricket Scorer –  easy-to-use cricket software for recording scores for cricket matches

Coaching Links

South Canterbury Cricket – Coaching a Cricket Team Manuals

Ways to Play Cricket in NZ

Smash Play Junior & Youth Games