South Canterbury Cricket Umpires & Scorers


Have you thought about becoming an umpire or scorer?

Call 0508 UMPIRE to find out more about becoming one.

You MUST be a NZ Resident to apply.

Contented Scorers.

Beome an UmpireAre you considering becoming an umpire or a scorer?

If so, and you are resident in or on transfer to South Canterbury you are invited to contact SCCA office in the first instance.

Participants are encouraged to attend the training modules available; each is targeted across all grades, from junior school level to senior levels. The examinations of the New Zealand Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association may also be taken permitting umpires & scorers to become proficient in their chosen discipline.

Further information is available on the new NZ Umpires & Scorers website where booklets on umpiring and scoring may be downloaded.

Umpire Promos – Travel the World

Umpire Promos – Watch cricket from the best seat in the house


Appointments officer:

Please contact the SCCA office