South Canterbury Cricket, with the support of our club and school network, are pro-active in providing a safe environment for players, officials, and the community to enjoy their cricket first and foremost. This aligns with all planning to this date, and we will work in collaboration with all stakeholders to mitigate any challenges posed throughout the remainder of the season. 

In addition to the above, we understand that there is the potential that COVID-19 restrictions may affect the rest of our summer. If this is the case, we plan to provide guidance and advice to all clubs to abide by all government, Sport NZ and New Zealand Cricket guidelines and protocols, so that we can operate in a safe environment whilst maximising playing opportunities. 

We will continue to provide updates on this page, where applicable. 

Monday 15 February 2021

South Canterbury is currently in COVID-19 Response Level 2. Please continue to follow all guidelines set out by the Government and Sport NZ as below.

We are reviewing the situation every 24 hours and will regularly post updates on Facebook and to our Club contacts.

Grounds, Players and Supporters

As part of COVID-19 tracing requirements all players participating in matches must have full crichq profiles so that the players taking part in any of our competition matches can be easily contacted if necessary. Clubs please ensure your player database is up to date!

Spectators at any matches will be required to practice social distancing but also scan in for that ground on the QR Scan Sheet provided.

While still in level 2 restrictions, there is a maximum number of 100 people allowed to occupy a space (field, club room or changing rooms) at any one time.

NZ Cricket Level 2 Guidelines

For more information and resources:

Official COVID-19 website
Alert Level Information
Contact Tracing
Hygiene and Sanitation Guidance
Sector Templates
Sport Season Transition Guidelines

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