South Canterbury Cricket, with the support of our club and school network, are pro-active in providing a safe environment for players, officials, and the community to enjoy their cricket first and foremost.

As such in alignment with best practice and or MANDATORY requirements by the NZ Government alongside NZ Cricket and Sport NZ we have put the following protocols in place for all our cricket community at Covid Alert Level 2.

 ** UPDATED – Friday 8 October 2021

South Canterbury is currently in COVID-19 Response Level 2. Please continue to follow all guidelines set out by the Government, NZ Cricket and Sport NZ as below.

We are reviewing the situation daily and will regularly post updates on Facebook and to our Club contacts where applicable.

  • The physical distancing requirement in indoor venues and facilities is now two metres, rather than one metre. Facilities may need to further restrict numbers to help with physical distancing.
  • Community sports are limited to groups of 100 outdoors and 50 indoors. These group limits include all players and spectators (but not referees and officials).
  • Mask wearing at indoor sports facilities is required apart from when you are exercising or playing sports. You do not need to wear a mask if exercising outdoors. If a sports ground has more than 1 field, you can play multiple games at the same time, as long as each group is separated. Groups should try not to mix with each other, or share common facilities such as changing rooms at the same time.
  • Mandatory record keeping and QR code scanning applies to all indoor sport and recreation facilities such as recreation centres, swimming pools, gyms and sports clubrooms, as well as commercial and ticketed sport and recreation events. This applies to the Graeme Blanchard Indoor Cricket Centre.

The following document have been attached to support cricket delivery at Level 2:

  1. Return to Play Guidelines – 7 Sept 2021
  2. Contact Tracing guidelines – 7 Sept 2021
  3. Club and Changing Room Guidelines – 7 Sept 2021

Key changes within these documents from last season include:

  • Update of the gathering sizes for indoor facilities
  • Relaxing of some of the requirements around sharing and cleaning equipment – evidence shows that transmission is happening through droplets in the air rather than on surfaces so cleaning of equipment at the end of sessions is sufficient
  • Contact Tracing requirements

This is obviously an evolving situation. Any further changes to requirements to align with the Government and Sport New Zealand will see these documents further updated.

Club Ground QR Codes

All grounds need QR codes for training as well as matches. South Canterbury Cricket has the QR codes for all our clubs. The codes from last season will still work, but they have been updated and we have new posters. We will circulate these to clubs shortly.

We will also circulate forms for physically signing in if players do not have the NZ tracer app – perhaps young players.

It will be imperative that the team coach/manager ensures every player is signed in before being allowed to play. This is a government rule, not just for those that get around to it!

Contact Tracing Register

Use page 2 of this sheet to record names and date, and hold onto it to supply to SC Cricket / NZ Health if required


QR Code Posters

Below you can find a link to your ground posters and download for use at your ground.

** You only need to print page two of the poster and have available at practice or for matches.

Mid Canterbury Grounds QR Codes – Senior teams

**Note: The school grounds QR codes will be added as they become available.

For more information and resources:

Official COVID-19 website
Alert Level Information
Contact Tracing
Hygiene and Sanitation Guidance
Sector Templates
Sport Season Transition Guidelines

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